President Trump Continues to Underwhelm; Monthly Approval Rating Stuck at 43% Mishchenko

President Donald Trump’s daily and monthly job approval rating continues to stagnate. On a daily basis, Trump’s approval rating is at 43%; longer term, the president’s monthly approval rating for October stands at 43%, unchanged from September. A full 55% of American voters disapprove of Trump’s job performance, the same as the month before.

This includes 27% of American voters said they “strongly approve” of Trump’s job performance, with 46% saying they “strongly disapproved.”

Since assuming office, Trump’s monthly approval rating has tumbled from a high of 51% in his first full month as president to a low of 42% in August. Since then, the president’s monthly approval rating has inched up slightly.

How does Trump’s rating compare to former President Obama’s? In February 2009, his first full month in the Oval Office, Obama’s monthly approval rating hit a high of 59%. In August and October of 2011, Obama’s ratings hit a low of 44%.


In December 2016, his last full month in the White House, Obama had a monthly job approval of 56%; 43% disapproved. We’ll have to wait either three or seven years to find out what Trump’s monthly approval rating is in his last full month in office.

Respondents’ love for Trump is split along party lines. For the full month of October, 49% said they “strongly approve” of Trump’s job performance, down slightly from 50% of GOP voters who said the same thing in September.

Compare that with 74% of Democrat voters who said they “strongly disapproved” of the job Trump is doing as president; that’s up two percent from September. Among independent voters, 23% said they “strongly approve” of the president’s job performance, with 46% saying they “strongly disapproved,” up one point from 45% in September.

Will the current Mueller investigation negatively impact Trump’s job performance and approval ratings? It doesn’t look like it. Fifty percent of American voters think it is unlikely that charges filed against Paul Manafort and Richard Gates will lead to criminal charges against Trump. Just 39% think the charges will lead to criminal counts against the president, while 20% say it is “very likely.”

Again, who you vote for dictates how you feel. Of Democrat voters, 58% believe Trump will face criminal charges, while just 20% of Republican voters and 37% of independent voters agree.

This doesn’t mean Trump’s daily and monthly approval ratings will rise anytime soon. There are still a large number of issues that American voters are not pleased with when it comes to Trump, including healthcare, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Iran, the economy, hate crimes, the NFL national anthem fiasco, unemployment, and low wages. Not only that, but the majority of American voters think President Trump is reckless, untrustworthy, racist, unreliable, and thin-skinned.

The Mueller investigation is not going to distract voters that much.



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