President Trump’s Approval Rating Stabilizes Near Historic Lows

Presidential Candidate for 2016 Elections Donald Trump

President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has stabilized near record lows, meaning it can only go up from here. The president’s approval rating is now registering 34% or 35% in each Gallup daily poll tracking three-day rolling averages since August 20.

For the period of August 27-29, Trump’s approval rating was 35%. The president received a 34% approval rating last week, which ties his lowest approval rating recorded during the August 11-13 measurement.

When Trump started out as President in January, his approval ratings were consistently in the mid-40s. But it’s been all downhill since then. The president’s job approval rating has been sub-40% in each month since February. He is on pace to spend the entire month of August below 40%. The last time Trump’s approval rating was not in the 30% range was on July 11, when it hit 40%.

The stabilized lower job ratings generated a 35% weekly average for Trump for the week ended August 27. This is the lowest weekly average of Trump’s presidency.


Because of the recent low job approval ratings, Trump’s full-term approval average since he entered the Oval Office on January 20 is now below 40% for the first time, at 39%.

Where does this put Trump in the grand scheme of things?

  • No president has averaged under a 49% approval rating during their very first year in office
  • Only three presidents–Bill Clinton (49%), Ronald Reagan (57%), and Barack Obama (57%)–have averaged below a 60% job approval rating in their initial year in the Oval Office.
  • Harry Truman had the lowest fill-term job approval average with 45%.

There is still time for Trump to turn the corner. The president has five months left in his first full year in office and three years until his first term is over. If he doesn’t change his tack, he will leave office with the worst approval ratings a president has ever recorded; by a huge margin.

The odds of President Trump resurrecting his approval ratings, however, is remote. That’s because of the significant disdain held by Democrats. In an August 21-27 poll, just seven percent of Democrats said they approve of the job Trump is doing.

To date, Obama has had the lowest full-term approval rating among voters who align themselves with the opposition party at 13%. Trump’s job approval with Democrats so far has averaged eight percent.

When it comes to Republican voters, Trump finds shelter. His job approval rating among Republicans averaged 78% last week. While high, it is still his lowest job approval rating among Republicans since he took office and is below the 85% average within his own party.


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