Primehouse Closing: Steakhouse Restaurant in The James Hotel to Shut Down in December 2017

Primehouse Closing

Another established Chicago restaurant is closing its doors. Primehouse, located in The James Hotel, will be shuttering its doors after dinner service on December 9. The steakhouse, which was associated with celebrity chef David Burke, is closing to make way for another restaurant. Details about the new restaurant are not available, except we know it will not be a steakhouse.

Primehouse is just one of many Chicago eateries that have shuttered their doors in 2017. In October, FireFin Poke announced it was closing down all five of its Chicago locations. In the same month, Knife steakhouse said it was closing after just one year. After more than 50 years, Chicago Brauhaus will serve its last “Eisbein mit Sauerkraut” on December 11. And Fifty Cupcakes closed its Lincoln Square location after just three years.

David Burke’s Former Steakhouse, Primehouse, to Close December 9

After 11 years, Primehouse is closing. The steakhouse is located inside The James Hotel and was once the home of celebrity chef David Burke. Primehouse, which is famous for its dry-aged steak, will serve its last meal on Saturday, December 9. The James Hotel is closing Primehouse to make room for a new, yet unnamed, restaurant.

The restaurant first opened its doors in 2005 under the banner “David Burke’s Primehouse.” At the time, Burke initiated a salt-aging program for the restaurant’s steaks. Despite accolades and a loyal fan base, it wasn’t all fun and games, though, as Burke left the restaurant in 2014 after a break with the restaurant’s operators. Dino Tsaknis has been Executive Chef at Primehouse since September 2013.


The company owned the rights to use Burke’s name on the restaurant and kept it in place until this year, when the licensing agreement expired. In February, the hotel changed the restaurant’s name to the cleverly titled Primehouse. What didn’t change, though, was the dry-aging program.

List of Chicago Restaurants Closed in 2017

Primehouse is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to restaurant closures this year in Chicago. One of the more notable 2017 restaurant closings is Chicago Brauhaus. After serving traditional German food and beer for 52 years, Chicago Brauhaus is closing its doors for good on December 11.

Other restaurant closings include Johnny’s Grill and Mezcaleria Las Flores; their last day of service was November 3.

In October, FireFin Poke announced it was closing down all five of its Chicago locations. The announcement was a bit of a surprise since the company had opened its fifth location just a week earlier.

Fifty Cupcakes turned the oven off after three years at its Lincoln Square location. Knife steakhouse closed up shop after just one year and Charlatan, a pasta restaurant in Noble Square, closed.



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