Proposed Trump Budget to Favor Wealthier Taxpayers, Cutback Benefits for Poorer Americans


The Proposed Federal Budget Will Feature Widespread Cuts

The budget proposed by President Donald Trump has several provisions that go against promises he made on the campaign trail, specifically not targeting Medicaid and Social Security.

The new budget proposal is now being reviewed by Congress and will likely not pass in its current form, but some of the cuts will also probably make it through to the final draft, especially with the help of a House and Senate both controlled by the Republican Party.

Medicaid will see the biggest cuts under the current proposal, being reduced by $610.0 billion. This figure is far larger than the amounts other programs are being reduced, with food stamps being the next one down on the list with a $191.0 billion shrinking.


“This is a taxpayer-first budget,” Mick Mulvaney, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, said at a press conference. “For the first time in a long time the administration has written a budget through the eyes of the people who are paying the taxes,” he said, versus favoring those who receive benefits. (Source: Ibid.)

But that translates to a program that is meant to serve the wealthiest in America at the expense of the poor. Nearly half the country, 45%, did not pay direct federal income tax in 2015. These households either didn’t make enough money to qualify to pay direct taxes or were eligible for tax breaks. In either case, that large swath of the American population still paid federal taxes indirectly through gasoline and payroll taxes and other programs with federal tariffs.

The move goes against Trump’s campaign promises to fight for the working class of America, as this new budget proposal seems to abandon them, or at the very least cut many vital services from which the working class benefits.

The Atlantic also released a study showing that the budget cuts would mainly hurt Trump’s supporters, especially in the Rust Belt states that swung from Barack Obama in the 2012 election to Trump in November.

In fact, in many counties in many states, Trump voters are the most likely to lose benefits as a result of this incoming budget.


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