Ritz-Carlton Layoffs: Irma-Led Florida Job Losses Continue

Ritz-Carlton Layoffs

Ritz-Carlton Layoffs to Affect 281 Employees

Another Florida resort is shutting down and laying off employees while it undergoes restoration following Hurricane Irma. Ritz-Carlton layoffs become the latest to add to Florida’s Irma-led job losses.

Luxury hotel Ritz-Carlton, South Beach in Miami is extending its closure and laying off 281 employees as it continues its renovation following the major hurricane which wreaked havoc on the state’s southern coast.

The layoffs follow over a month after the hotel closed itself to business. Ritz-Carlton shut its doors to customers on September 8, just as the hurricane hit. Management has confirmed that the Ritz-Carlton layoffs are a “direct result of the damage to the resort” caused by Hurricane Irma.

The affected employees include servers, housekeeping staff, cooks, and even massage therapists. Although the resort will eventually open after the restoration is complete, these layoffs are reported to be permanent in nature.


Ritz-Carlton Layoffs Add to South Florida’s Irma-Led Job Losses

Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, which is part of Marriott International-owned luxury hotel chain, is a five-star resort in Miami Beach housing 375 luxury rooms. The resort faced infrastructural damage from Hurricane Irma that was significant enough to force a closure.

The announcement of the Ritz-Carlton layoffs comes just a day after we reported a similar number of Irma-led layoffs at another major resort. Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys announced yesterday that it was laying off nearly all of its employees as it underwent restoration. About 260 employees lost their jobs as the resort shut down for business for an unspecified time.

The Miami-Dade County, where Ritz-Carlton, South Beach is located, and the Monroe County, where the Hawks Cay Resort is situated, have jointly faced the most destruction during the hurricane. These southern Florida counties generate most of their income from their tourism and hospitality industries. The majority of the population in these counties is likewise employed in these industries.

However, the hurricane has caused a major blow to these local multi-billion-dollar industries where many have been left in the lurch looking for a source to earn livelihood. While the two counties are currently advertising about 27,000 new jobs, these openings pale in comparison to the thousands already lost and hundreds more that are following.

During September alone, Florida lost about 127,400 jobs due to Hurricane Irma. Prior to the Hurricane, the state was, in fact, adding jobs.

Following the announcement of the Ritz-Carlton layoffs, the hotel chain said the affected employees had a chance to reapply for jobs once the hotel reopened for business. However, with no renovation time frame specified by the company and no possible reopening date provided, the hundreds of low-income earners will have no choice but to seek employment elsewhere at a time when jobs in their industry are already scarce.


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