Rochester Locals Frustrated About GE Plant Closing in New York State

GE Plant Closing in New York

Rochester Residents Blame Trump and Cuomo for Factory Closure

Multinational conglomerate General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) has announced that it is closing a manufacturing plant in Rochester, New York. The news has left local residents frustrated with both the company and the government.

News broke mid-week that, following the factory closure, 90 workers will lose their jobs. The plant, which assembles electronic boards, employs a total of about 145 employees. After the layoffs, the remaining 55-or-so employees will continue to work in a building that is adjacent to the plant that is closing.

What has truly outraged the locals is the fact that General Electric will be moving the manufacturing jobs to an external contractor, a manufacturer in China. Many took to social media to voice their concerns. Once again, what transpired is a scuffle between the political left and the right.

Some pointed their guns at President Donald Trump for failing to deliver on his promise to keep jobs in America.


Others, however, called it an outright failure by the local government.

In this kerfuffle, however, were also those who simply held General Electric responsible, and responded with threats to boycott the company’s products.

The public outrage over moving jobs to China is understandable. American workers have seen a significant decline in manufacturing jobs, as an increasing number of U.S.-based companies choose to outsource jobs to China, Mexico, or other countries in order to take advantage of cheaper labor and other lower costs.

Earlier this year, Indianapolis-based manufacturer of air conditioning and heating systems, Carrier Corporation, announced its plans to move hundreds of jobs to Mexico despite President Trump’s promises to keep the manufacturing jobs from leaving Indiana.

Nonetheless, General Electric spokesperson Annette Busateri said that the products being produced at the Rochester facility were “not core to GE’s manufacturing capabilities.” Busateri also said that GE already contracts 80% of these products to external suppliers.


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