Scranton School District Layoffs to Hit 89 If Budget Passes

Scranton School District Layoffs

Dozens of Scranton School District Layoffs Due to Budget Cuts

Scranton School District layoffs are pegged to hit 89 following a heated budget meeting. The meeting involved yelling and insults as the district struggled to find a way to balance its budget, with the ultimate result being the near-100 layoffs if the current budget plan is approved.

“We’re very upset, I have teachers calling every day, they’re coming in to see the seniority list,” said Rosemary Boland, president of the teachers union. “They’re coming in, they just want to see if they’re going to have a job, they don’t know.”

School directors are looking to approve the budget by the end of the year. The budget is intended to help close, or at least whittle away, a $19.0-million budget deficit that the district is facing. The massive hole led to the Scranton School District layoffs in the most recent budget.

The layoffs will hit the music, physical education, art, and special education departments, as well as librarians and other teachers. The result of these layoffs, if approved, would be a sizable shift to elementary education.


If the budget is passed and the Scranton School District layoffs are implemented, then elementary teachers would have to teach classes like gym, art, and music in addition to their current curriculum. This would affect all students’ schedules, as well as increase the workload of many teachers.

The board of directors intend to have a budget hearing next week, where members of the public will be able to voice their opinions and concerns before any final decision is made concerning next year’s financial plan.

No matter what the outcome is next week, however, the school district finds itself in a multi-million-dollar hole and needs to find a way to extricate itself. Whether that means more Scranton School District layoffs or cutbacks in another part of the schools, the community needs a solution to its budgetary difficulties.



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