SureID Fears More Layoffs on the Way as Navy Takes Business Elsewhere

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SureID Hasn’t Been Able to Win Back Navy Business

SureID, Inc. has fired over half of its workforce, and more layoffs may be on the way as the company was unable to retain or win back its contract with the U.S. Navy, leading to a loss of as much as 70% of the company’s revenue.

In May, when the cuts first began, 550 workers were employed by SureID, but now half that number is gone as the company is still reeling from the damage done by the withdrawn Navy contract.

“SureID has just received surprising and disappointing news from the Navy about future business,” the company said in a letter. “Due to this unforeseen change in business circumstances, SureID has concluded the company will have to restructure its workforce further and let go of some very talented individuals, beyond those let go beginning on May 8.”

The company created an identification system that allowed military and other large organizations to identify whether or not people visiting their facilities were authorized to be there. But after federal inspectors tested the technology and found that it did not perform as advertised, the Navy informed SureID in April that it would no longer use the Oregon company’s tech. The move killed a large portion of SureID’s revenue, leading to the mass layoffs we’ve witnessed now.


While SureID has been fighting to try and convince the Navy to give it another shot, the efforts have been in vain as the Navy has so far been unwilling to return.

To make matters worse for SureID, the company is being sued by a former employee who claims that they were not given enough notice about the massive layoffs as required by law. The move will undoubtedly only compound on the various problems surrounding SureID.
If the company is unable to renegotiate its contract with the Navy, it is likely that many more jobs will be shed. The massive revenue hit will likely be hard to recuperate and will lead to cost-cutting measures moving forward that will affect those still employed by SureID.

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