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Danny Meyer’s GreenRiver Restaurant Closing: Trend of Michelin-Starred Restaurant Closures in Chicago Continues

GreenRiver restaurant closing

GreenRiver Restaurant Closing The GreenRiver restaurant closing is both the latest Michelin-starred restaurant closing and the most recent Chicago restaurant to shut down. Owner and restaurateur Danny Meyer’s restaurant closure will occur on January 24, with the announcement having been made abruptly through its Facebook page. There were no details regarding the number employees losing (more…)

McCall’s Closed: BBQ Restaurant Closure in Clayton, NC Affected 100 Employees

McCalls Closed

A popular restaurant in Clayton, NC—McCall’s Bar-B-Que & Seafood Restaurant—has closed and will not reopen. That leaves about 100 McCall’s employees without work as the owners shuttered the restaurant with no advance warning. With McCall’s closed, the list of North Carolina restaurant closures increases, following a national trend where many eateries have found it difficult (more…)