Texas layoffs 2017

AT&T Layoffs 2017: AT&T Call Centers in Texas Faced Most of the Job Cuts

AT&T Layoffs

AT&T Call Center Layoffs Continue Decreasing call volumes to AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) call centers have led to layoffs in various cities as the Dallas-based telecommunications company continues to face challenges in 2017. Doing what it takes to stay competitive and operationally profitable is the main goal of any business. Retraining, restructuring, cost-cutting, and downsizing are the (more…)


Layoffs to Follow Dynegy-Vistra Energy Merger: Texas Power Market Continues to Suffer Due to Low Electricity Prices

Vistra Energy Corp. (NASDAQ:VST) announced it is acquiring Dynegy Inc (NYSE:DYN) in an all-stock deal valued at $1.74 billion. Debt-laden Dynegy has seen its margins shrink in the face of cheaper electricity prices.  The merger of the two Texas-based energy producers will create one of the largest integrated power companies in the U.S., with a (more…)

Fears of ConocoPhillips Layoffs Grow as Oil Giant Cuts Budget by 10%

ConocoPhillips Layoffs

Are More ConocoPhillips Layoffs on the Way After Budget Cut? One of America’s largest oil companies, ConocoPhillips, has slashed its capital budget by 10%, sparking fears of possible ConocoPhillips layoffs in 2017. ConocoPhillips released its third-quarter earnings on Thursday, which beat analysts’ estimates. However, the company later dropped a bombshell, saying it was planning to slash its (more…)