Telvista to Close Danville Facility, Leaving 300 Out Of Work


Contact center company Telvista has announced a round of massive layoffs. The company filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) report with the Virginia Employment Commission announcing plans to permanently shutter its call center facility at 119 Cane Creek Boulevard in Danville, Virginia. The closure will take place on March 7, 2018 and result in around 300 job losses.

According to the WARN report, Telvista blamed the closure and layoffs on “unexpected business circumstances.” The company said it plans to consolidate its U.S. operations at its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Employees at Telvista, one of the city’s top 10 employers, are being offered the chance to relocate 1,150 miles to its Dallas location (the company will pay moving expenses). But is it worth it for laid off Telvista employees to uproot their lives for a call center job? According to employment site, a technical support employee at Telvista earns $11.62 per hour ($24,169 annually), while a customer service rep makes $9.80 per hour ($20,384 per year).

Meanwhile, Danville, Virginia, with a population of around 42,000, has an unemployment rate of 5.7%. The most popular occupations in Danville are administrative assistant, office manager, and operations manager. The average annual salary in Danville is $35,707.


“Unexpected business circumstances” are actually not all that unexpected or uncommon at the Danville facility, it seems. In July 2017, Telvista announced it laid off about 222 employees, or nearly half its workforce. The company blamed the layoffs on an unexpected drop in demand from one of its major clients. The last day of work for that round of layoffs was September 30, 2017.

Prior to the layoffs, the Danville site’s headcount stood somewhere close to 500 employees. 



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