Wisconsin Job Cuts: Over a Thousand Jobs Lost in Fox Valley, WI

Wisconsin Job Cuts

Wisconsin job cuts have totaled over 3,600 since August, but one community, in particular, has been hard hit, with 1,300 jobs lost in Fox Valley.

The county represents about a third of all job losses in the state since the summer, putting a heavy strain on the area.

The Wisconsin job cuts that took place in the county were largely due to layoffs from major employers in the region, including Appleton Coated, Appvion, Ryder Integrated Logistics, and Saputo.

One official described the state of affairs as “the economic fight of our life” to WBAY, a local news organization. Other institutions in the area have been focused on finding a way to revive the area economically, fighting to create growth in the aftermath of these mass Wisconsin job cuts.Others have pointed towards investments in non-American companies as potentially having a negative effect on the overall employment opportunity for residents. Some have specifically targeted Taiwanese company Foxconn Technology Group as being a particularly egregious example of misspent government funds that could instead help bring back jobs to the beleaguered area.


Foxconn is set to receive billions of dollars in tax incentives in order for the company to begin operations within the state. Opponents believe that the money is being misspent and will only impact a relatively small number of people.

Supporters, however, believe that the investment will pay dividends down the road, with Foxconn reinvesting more in the communities and state as a whole than it will be benefiting from via the tax incentives. Political supporters said that industries across the state will feel the positive impact of a more integrated Foxconn.

Whatever the result, thousands are still without a job following the Wisconsin job cuts, and Fox Valley, in particular, finds itself in a precarious position.



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