Trump Border Wall Push Comes While Political Tension Remains High

President Donald Trump’s famous plan for a border wall is serving to create an even bigger divide among Congress than we witnessed in 2017, as Senators and House members look toward potential bipartisan legislation on immigration despite the president’s outcries. The Trump border wall has long been a sticking point for Democrats on any immigration action.


The main contentions between Republicans, Democrats, and Trump are the Trump border wall and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA. DACA was put in place by then-President Barack Obama, allowing undocumented immigrants who arrived as young children to receive a reprieve from deportation for two years at a time, while also qualifying for work permits.

Trump ended DACA in 2017, though he said at the time that he would not assign federal agencies to pursue people who were covered by DACA. Instead, the president put pressure on Congress to sign a bill into law that would more permanently resolve the issues surrounding DACA recipients.

With so many staunch supporters for and against the DACA policy, Republicans and Democrats have long been divided on how best to proceed with immigration reform. Further complicating the issue is the Trump border wall, one of Trump’s signature campaign promises. The failure to begin construction of the wall in 2017 has been seen as one of Trump’s major failings by his most ardent supporters.

The issue is that Trump and his Congressional supporters who will not relent on the wall will be unable to enter into a bipartisan negotiation process with Democrats, who universally condemn Trump’s border solution.

The result being that the many factions currently at play in Congress right now—from those looking to cross party lines to strike a deal to hardliners—are creating an atmosphere of political discord that may result in further schisms and inaction in 2018.

The next federal spending bill, meanwhile, must clear by January 19 or risk a government shutdown. If political tensions remain high, the spending bill may falter as a result.



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