Trump Passes Medical Exam But Gets Failing Grade in First Year as President

Trump Passes Medical Exam
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President Trump’s overall health is “excellent” according to his first annual physical exam as president. There are questions about the validity of his recorded weight, but otherwise, he’s as healthy as one would hope their president is. Trump may have aced his physical but when it comes to how he performed in his first year as president, American voters gave the president a failing grade.

Trump may have gotten an “F” on his report card but it wasn’t in a landslide, which shows the political divide among American voters is as rife as ever.

Overall, 35% of Americans gave Trump an “F.” But 34% of voters gave Trump and “A” or “B.” And 11% of voters gave Trump a barely passing “D.” Somehow, five percent of voters had no opinion on what kind of job one of the most polarizing presidents in history did.

Which means, when it comes to a letter grade, most said Trump failed as president in his first year. But collectively, 60% of American voters gave Trump some sort of a passing grade.


The political divide has some major chasms. Men are more likely to view Trump’s performance positively: 38% gave Trump an “A” or “B,” with 42% giving him a “D” or “F.” Among female voters, 31% gave Trump an “A” or “B,” with 50% saying that Trump deserves a “D” or “F.”

The biggest difference in opinion can be found along party lines. A whopping 72% of Republicans gave President Trump an “A” or “B” and only 10% gave him a grade of “D” or “F.” Democrats are not as keen on their pupil: just eight percent would give Trump an “A” or “B” and 79% would give Trump a “D” or “F.” Independent voters are equally as unimpressed: just 27% would give Trump an “A” or “B,” while 45% gave Trump a “D” or “F.”

When it comes to actual subjects, Trump did well on the economy, jobs, and fighting terrorism: 42% of American voters gave Trump an “A” or “B” on the economy and jobs. Meanwhile, 36% gave him a “D” or “F.”

When it comes to fighting terrorism, voters were split, with 39% giving him an “A” or “B” and the same percentage giving Trump a “D” or “F.”

One area where Trump could show the most improvement is with climate change: 49% gave Trump a “D” or “F” and just 24% gave him an “A” or “B.” When it comes to healthcare, just 27% gave him an “A” or “B” with roughly half (48%) saying he deserves a “D” or “F.”

President Trump also fared poorly when it comes to the national debt (28% “A” or “B,” versus 47% “D” or “F”) and foreign relations (30% “A” or “B,” versus 48% “D” or “F”).

The political divide that welcomed Trump into the White House remains. Even though the mid-term elections are just 10 months away, the split along partisan lines means that right now, that election is too close to call.



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