Trump Tax Plan Continues to Divide Americans, Poll Shows

Trump Tax Plan Continues to Divide

In these hyper-partisan times, it seems that even legislation that’s already been settled on continues to create a divide among Americans. The Trump tax plan was controversial when it passed in late 2017 and the effects have yet to be truly felt, but a recent poll by the Pew Research Center reveals that Americans are still very much divided on whether the new plan will be a boon to them or a detriment.

The poll found that about 27% of respondents thought that the bill would have negative effects on them and their family, while 29% believed that the legislation would have a positive outcome. Perhaps most tellingly, about a third of Americans believed that the Trump tax plan would have a little personal impact. This means that about two-thirds of the country believe the legislation will either be negative or inconsequential, compared to 29% who believe it will be a positive change.

As for the impact on the country more broadly, 35% believed it would be positive, 40% negative, and 15% said it will have little impact.

As expected, there were vast differences in opinions based on whether one identified as Republican or Democrat. Over half of Republicans were positive on the bill, while 32% believed it would have little impact. Democrats, naturally, were more negative; only 13% had an optimistic view of the bill. 42% were against it and 35% believed it would be inconsequential.


But the biggest disparity of note is the one among income brackets. People making $75,000 – $99,999 were the most positive on the bill, with 44% of respondents believing it will have a positive impact on them personally and believing it would be good for the country.

Of those making under $40,000, conversely, only 22% believed the bill would personally benefit them, although 30% thought it would be good for the country.

What we’re seeing here is a divide not only along party lines but also among income brackets, with wealthier individuals seeing a boon from the recent tax reform, while lower income earners are likely to believe there will either be little change or a negative one.

The survey was conducted between January 10 and 15 with 1,503 respondents.



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