Trump’s Approval Rating Dips in Response to Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria

Trump’s Approval Rating on Handling Hurricane Response Slips 20%

Americans are finding President Trump’s response to Hurricane Maria less satisfactory than to the other two hurricanes that hit the U.S. coasts.  

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has fallen this month as more Americans apparently disapprove of the way the president handled the federal government’s response to Hurricane Maria, which wreaked havoc on America’s commonwealth island.

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in mid-September. Prior to that, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma respectively devastated Texas and Florida through the end of August to early September.

CNN conducted two national polls to analyze and compare President Trump’s response of recovery and aid to the regions affected by the hurricanes. The first poll was conducted last month, which asked respondents of their approval of the president’s response to the two hurricanes that hit the U.S. The second poll was conducted earlier this month to gauge their approval after Hurricane Maria.


A comparison of the two polls shows a drop of 20% in the President’s approval rating following his response to Hurricane Maria.

A good 64% of Americans had approved of the president’s way of handling the recovery efforts following Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. However, after Hurricane Maria, President Trump’s approval rating fell to 44%.

A closer look at the results of the recent survey reveals partisan divisions amongst the respondents. About 81% of the respondents who identified themselves as Republicans approved of the President. On the contrary, 73% of those who identified themselves as Democrats disapproved of his response.

As expected, the average respondents who approved of the President’s handling of hurricane relief activities were evidently older, white Americans, without a college degree, who aligned themselves with the conservatives or identified themselves as supporters of the GOP.

About 54% of the white respondents approved of the president’s job in the aftermath of the hurricanes, while about 63% of the non-white respondents disapproved.

While it is easily predictable to have Trump supporters continuing to approve of him, it is also understandable why his approval ratings particularly dropped amongst the rest of the Americans following Hurricane Maria.

As America’s commonwealth was facing one of its worst disasters in history, the president was busy arguing trivial matters, such as players kneeling during a football match.

Following his visit to Puerto Rico, the president made a promise to rid the island of its debt, but the White House later backtracked on the stance.

President Trump also blamed Puerto Rico for throwing the U.S. budget “out of whack” as he issued hurricane relief aid for the island.

The not-so-subtle cues are indicative of Trump’s reluctant response to Puerto Rico’s natural disaster when compared to his rather proactive approach to the two U.S. hurricanes.



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