Trump’s Approval Rating Hits the Lowest Level Since He Took Office

Trump's Approval Rating Hits the Lowest Level Since He Took Office

Trump’s Approval Rating Drops to 38%

President Trump’s approval rating is continuing to slide as he gets himself embroiled in one petty controversy after another. In fact, pro-Trump, right-wing media groups are now reporting record low approval ratings for the President.

The most recent Fox News Poll shows a drop of four percent in Trump’s approval rating in October, compared to a month ago. Trump’s approval rating has now hit 38%—the lowest level since he took office in February.

A good 57% of Americans now disapprove of Trump’s performance as President. This is up from the 53% polled a month ago.

The governance issues where Americans disapprove of the President are mostly related to healthcare or foreign policy.


Healthcare & Foreign Policy Issues Mar Trump’s Approval Rating

About 60% of Americans disapprove of Trump’s way of handling the healthcare issue. That’s up from 58% a month ago. Despite Trump’s utmost efforts, the Republicans have repeatedly failed to pass the Obamacare bill this year. The President is now pushing for significant spending cuts to Medicaid.

Medicaid provides healthcare insurance coverage, primarily to low-income-earning Americans. Cutting federal spending on the healthcare program will leave many out of government-sponsored healthcare coverage. It is understandable why the majority of Americans are concerned about the issue.

Likewise, Trump’s handling of foreign policy matters is also drawing significant disapproval. About 59% of the Americans disapprove of his way of dealing with North Korea, while about 55% are uneasy about his political stance on Iran.

Trump’s very blunt and undiplomatic remarks on North Korea have left Americans anxious about a potential war between the two nuclear powers. Separate polls have shown that the majority of the Americans do not trust his ability to diplomatically handle the conflict between the two countries.

Tensions between the two countries have been growing ever since Trump took over. Members of the Republican party are likewise deeply concerned about the President handling foreign policy matters on Twitter.

Similarly, the delay in tax reforms is also possibly hurting Trump’s approval rating, as 51% disapprove of his way of handling the issue of taxes. This is up from 47% last month.

Americans have already been skeptical about his tax cuts proposal as many believe his tax reforms will disproportionately favor the rich over middle-class Americans. Now, worries are beginning to mount as we hear of possible cuts to 401(k) pension plans under Trump’s tax proposal.

Overall, the continued mishandling of critical issues is causing Trump’s approval rating to drop month after month.



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