Trump’s Approval Rating Tumbles in Every Single State

trump's approval rating

For President Trump, it’s been all downhill since taking office in January. Over the last nine months, American voters have soured on Trump’s job performance. In fact, a survey of more than 470,000 American voters shows that Trump’s approval rating has fallen in all 50 states since ascending to the Oval Office.

In September, less than half of American voters (43%) said they approve of Trump’s job performance, while a majority (52%) said they disapproved. In January—inauguration month—almost half of the country (49%) approved of Trump’s job performance, as opposed to just 39% who disapproved.

The negative pendulum swing in Trump’s approval rating ranged from as high as 30 points in Illinois and New York to as low as 11 points in Louisiana. Trump’s approval rating in solidly Republican states also tumbled, including Tennessee (-23 percentage points), Mississippi (-21), Kentucky (-20), Kansas (-19), and Indiana (-17).

A majority of voters in 25 states and the District of Columbia said they disapproved of Trump’s job performance in September, including those voters in Upper-Midwest states that were critical to getting Trump elected.


A small majority of voters (51%) in Nevada and Arizona are not keen on Trump’s performance as president. And in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina–three states that Trump won in November–American voters are now divided on Trump’s job performance.

That said, there are still parts of the U.S. showing unwavering support for President Trump, with the continued backing of a majority of voters in 12 states, all of which voted for him. Trump’s popularity remains strongest in Wyoming, with 60% of voters approving his job performance. This is followed by West Virginia at 59%.

In the south, West Virginians have the most love for Trump at 59%, with 57% of Louisianans, 54% of Arkansans, and 53% of Tennesseans still rooting for President Trump.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the negative sentiment towards Trump comes mostly from Democrats and Independents. Trump’s net approval rating among Democrats tumbled 25 points to -71 from -46. Among independents, Trump’s approval rating is down 18 points, from even to -18.

In September, 84% of Democrats said they disapprove of Trump, with 54% of independents feeling the same way. Even GOP voters are casting a steely eye over Trump, but not to the same degree; Trump’s net approval rating among Republican voters is down just nine points, with 81% championing his efforts as president.

It’s not all good news, though, when it comes to Trump and Republican voters. The number of Republicans who strongly approve of Trump’s job performance fell by 10 points to 43% from 53%.

Again, not a surprise, but the disapproval rating among Democrats and independents is up too. A full 71% of Democrats say they strongly disapprove of Trump’s job performance; that’s a 16-point increase from January. Among independents, 37% now say they strongly disapprove of Trump, an 11-point increase from the 26% who said so in January.

These results do not bode well for President Trump and his fellow Republicans as we head into 2018 and midterm elections.


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