Trump’s August Approval Ratings Tumble

Strongly agree

Longer-term trends show that President Donald Trump’s approval ratings continue to slide. In August, the president’s approval rating slipped to 42% from 43% in July. Fifty-seven percent disapproved of his job performance in August, compared to no changes from July.

Over the first seven months of his presidency, Trump’s approval rating has tumbled from a high of 51% in February (his first full month in the White House) to a new low of 42%.

For comparison’s sake, prior President Barack Obama’s monthly approval hit a high of 59% in February 2009, his first full month in the Oval Office, to a low of 44% in August and October 2011. In December 2016, his last full month in office, Obama garnered a monthly job approval of 56%; 43% disapproved.

In August, 26% of voters said they “strongly approved” of Trump’s job performance, while 47% said they “strongly disapproved.” This gives Trump a full-month Presidential Approval Index rating of -21, matching his lowest approval index to-date, which he first reached in July.


When Obama first took office in January 2009, he earned a full-month Approval Index rating of +14. During his final full month in office, his Approval Index rating was +3. For much of his presidency though, Obama’s job approval index was in the negative teens.

Among Republicans, August’s numbers showed strong approval of Trump’s performance at 46%, down from 47% in July. As one might expect, 73% of Democrats strongly disapproved of Trump’s performance in August–the same number as July.

Among those voters who are not affiliated with either major political party, 23% “strongly approved” of Trump’s performance, while 46% “strongly disapproved.” This was also mostly unchanged from July.

Nearly half of all voters (47%) believe the media is trying to prevent President Trump from passing his agenda, a stark contrast to how voters felt during Obama’s presidency. By comparison, at the same time in his presidency, just 18% said they thought the press was trying to block Obama. Instead, 48% of voters said they thought most reporters were trying to help Obama pass his agenda.

Forty-two percent of voters say Trump’s handling of job creating as “good” or “excellent.” Meanwhile 73% of Republicans agree with this wording; just 15% of Democrats feel the same way.

But it’s not all bad news from Trump. When it comes to immigration though, 38% say Trump’s handling of the issues are “good” or “excellent.” This finding that matches how voters felt Obama handled immigration issues.


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