Mississippi Government Layoffs Erasing Hundreds of Positions

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Mississippi Government Laying Off Hundreds of Workers

Government agencies in the state of Mississippi are cutting hundreds of jobs as they deal with a severe lack of funds.

Two Mississippi government agencies have recently sought permission to lay off employees, as those agencies run short of state funding. The Mississippi State Personnel Board has just given a green light to the Department of Mental Health and the Public Service Commission to go ahead with more than 100 job cuts as the agencies struggle to pay their employees.

The Department of Mental Health will be cutting over 125 positions at four of its facilities, while the Public Service Commission will be handing out pink slips to only three of its employees. The two agencies have cited budget shortfalls as the reason behind the layoffs.

The Department of Mental Health will also be scaling back a number of its healthcare programs. The department has said that it is no longer admitting patients to five of its regional centers for intellectual and developmental disabilities, nor to some of its nursing homes. The agency plans to eliminate positions at these locations.


Last month, the Mississippi State Personnel Board approved 75 layoffs at the Forestry Commission.

Colleges Also Hit Hard by Budget Shortfall

Moreover, community colleges across the state of Mississippi are witnessing hundreds of layoffs as the budget shortfall widens. About 250 job cuts have been announced by schools across the state in an effort to narrow down the budget gap.

According to Mississippi Community College Board Executive Director Andrea Mayfield, a total of 81 employees will be laid off, while an additional 122 jobs will be eliminated after employees leave or retire. The board will also cut 35 student jobs and eliminate three positions that are currently vacant.

In addition to the layoffs, the schools have also announced an increase in tuition fees in order to bring in more revenue. At the same time, some colleges are considering rolling back salary raises that were announced in the previous fiscal year.

The statewide government layoffs have followed as Mississippi, which heavily relies on federal funding, deals with a severe budget crisis.


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