University of Missouri Is Cutting 474 Jobs

Jobs Cut

University of Missouri Cuts Faculty, Admin, and Staff Jobs

The largest university in the midwestern state of Missouri, the University of Missouri, is cutting 474 jobs, —including administrative, faculty and staff positions—across its four campuses. About half of those jobs are currently vacant, however.

The University’s flagship Columbia campus will see about 195 full-time employees getting laid off, with an additional 162 unfilled full-time positions being eliminated. The College of Arts and Science will lose the most faculty positions, roughly 35.

In addition to faculty positions being cut across various fields of study, a total of 42 administrative positions will be eliminated. Some of the employees being laid off have served the university for over two decades.

Furthermore, the Kansas City campus will face 51 job cuts, the Science and Technology campus in Rolla will lose 50 jobs, and the St. Louis campus will witness 30 job cuts.


The cuts are falling under the university’s new President, Mun Choi, who joined in March. Since becoming president, Choi has ordered the university campuses to make eight-to-12 percent budget cuts. According to university management, MU is facing financial constraints of “historic proportions.” (Source: Columbia Daily Tribune, op cit.)

The cuts have been announced in support of the university’s efforts to control costs. The university is financially struggling, as it faces budget cuts from the state government and lower-than-expected enrolments into its degree programs.

The University of Missouri has seen a decline in enrolments since 2015, when mass protests broke out against the university leadership. Following those events, the former president of the university resigned. Enrolment for the fall semester this year is expected to be down 13% from the same period two years ago, that is, before the protests. (Source: Columbia Daily Tribune, op cit.)

The University of Missouri system is expecting the decline in tuition revenue to be roughly $11.0 million. At the same time, the university is facing a shortfall in its budget, as state appropriations are expected to be reduced by $35.9 million in fiscal-year 2018. (Source: Inside Higher Ed, op cit.)

The University of Missouri is a public land-grant university that receives funding from the government for its research projects. The university boasts one of the biggest research reactors in the country, and is one of the six American universities that offers medicine, engineering, agriculture and law studies all on the same campus.


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