Voters Don’t Blame Trump For Carrier Corp. Job Losses

Voters Don’t Blame Trump For Carrier Corp. Job Losses
Alex Wong/Staff/Getty Images

Despite weak popularity numbers, American voters don’t blame President Trump for the recent job losses at Carrier Corporation in Indianapolis.

Last December, Carrier announced it would keep jobs in Indiana after then-president-elect Donald Trump announced an incentive deal. At the time, 60% of voters gave Trump credit for keeping the jobs in the U.S.

This past May, however, Carrier announced that it was eliminating 632 jobs (or 63% of the workforce) at the company’s Indianapolis factory. The company also said that the work will be outsourced to Mexico. Company officials added that 338 jobs would be jettisoned on July 20 and another 290 employees would be given pink slips on December 22.

News of the massive layoffs have not put a dent in Trump’s approval rating. According to a Morning Consult/POLITICO poll, only a third of voters (32%) said Carrier’s plan to axe 632 American jobs and send them to Mexico gave them a less-favorable view of Trump. Meanwhile, 38% of voters said it had no effect on their opinion of Trump either way.


One of the reasons why the Carrier job losses may not have negatively impacted voters’ perceptions of Trump is because they blame Carrier, not the President. Carrier said the layoffs were due to a “thorough evaluation of [their] manufacturing operations” in a “rapidly changing industry.”

Only about a fifth (21%) of voters said Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, who helped negotiate $7.0 million in state grants and tax credits, were to blame; 32% said they blame the company. A further 27% said bad business policies in the U.S. forced Carrier to move the jobs out of Indiana. Overall, 80% of voters do not believe Carrier’s decision to axe the majority of its staff was Trump’s fault.

Voters are more split, though, when it comes to Trump’s overall economic performance, with 40% believing he has succeeded in keeping manufacturing jobs in the U.S., while 42% do not believe Trump has been successful. The results were not a total surprise, as 68% of Democrats do not think Trump has succeeded ,while 71% of Republicans believe he has.

As for whether or not Trump has been successful in moving jobs that have been outsourced back to the U.S., 46% say yes, while 36% say no.


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