Walmart Layoffs 2018: WARN Notice Issued in Georgia & Utah, 134 Employees Affected

Wal-Mart Layoffs in 2018

Wal-Mart Stores Inc (NYSE:WMT) has been one of the few massive retail chains that adapted well to the increasing importance of online shopping. While other major companies have faltered in recent years, Wal-Mart stock experienced steady growth in 2017 and the brand was able to avoid major closures and mass layoffs. Despite all that, Wal-Mart layoffs in 2018 have begun, with dozens of jobs being shed in Georgia and Utah. Multiple Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) notices have been released, detailing how many jobs would be lost in the new year and at which locations.

Some of these Wal-Mart layoffs in 2018 are the result of a reduction in workforce at several locations, while others are part of wholesale shutdowns, leaving dozens of people without work in one go.

Wal-Mart WARN notices for Utah were released in November to take place in January, so those job cuts will be hitting soon. These cuts will hit a South Jordan location and result in 65 Wal-Mart layoffs in 2018.

One the biggest single round of layoffs comes in Georgia, which recently received a Wal-Mart WARN notice revealing that 69 people will be shed by the company at a Marietta location. These cuts were made as the location is set to shutter.


All in all, the Wal-Mart layoffs in 2018 are not off to a good start, with over one hundred employees cut by the company and at least one location closed.

Wal-Mart’s Layoffs in 2017 in Georgia & Other Locations

Despite the relative success of the company last year, Wal-Mart layoffs in 2017 still numbered well into the thousands.

The company, which employs about 1.5 million Americans across the country, shed hundreds of jobs at its corporate office as well as in its e-commerce division last year as part of a restructuring plan instituted by the company. The Wal-Mart home office layoffs, for instance, claimed about 1,000 jobs.

In certain communities, the loss of a Wal-Mart can be devastating to employment. Due to the size of Wal-Mart, smaller communities may rely on the dozens of jobs and economic impact of the store, meaning that its loss can impact more than just the people who worked there.

Last year also saw three Georgia locations shutter, leaving hundreds of people without work. Roswell, Alpharetta, and another location in Marietta were all shuttered last year, with an average of about 65-70 workers being cut per location as a result.

Wal-Mart faces many of the same pressures that the industry at large has struggled with, including the growing market share of e-commerce companies and other alternatives to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. While Wal-Mart has been better than most when it comes to adapting to the new economic reality of the industry, that hardly means that the company is impervious to the effects of the e-commerce revolution, as evidenced by the thousands of cuts made in 2017 and hundreds so far in 2018.



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